South Landing

South Landing (Ezrepellian)

Gateway to the Jungle

The jostling chaos of South Landing is the most striking clash of culture, color, and agenda in the whole of Henal. The desperate, curious, greedy, zealous, and, yes, adventurous all tumble from their vessels into tropical sun and gentle sea breeze. From the decks of docked ships, the jumble of steamy color spills across the short stretch of cleared ground right up to the shadowy bases of massive trees. The jungle hunches over the town, its shadows and humid breath leaving newcomers feeling as if the whole town could be swallowed-up without warning.


The Docks

By far the busiest and most profitable district in town. During the peak season, ships land almost daily delivering sailors and passengers from across the continent. Cargo from the north supplies the settlers with life’s necessities and tastes of far-distant home, while merchants and explorers desperately await missives and credit-lines from benefactors. Mountains of casks, crates, and bundles line the sandy, clear-cut ground adjacent to the beaches, watched over by the most trustworthy guards merchants can buy.

Booms, lines, and longshoremen clutter the scene amid the passing packs of crewman restless from the long journey through he Dagger Coast of Kardam that precedes this destination. Flags of every court, nation, and company fly on the rigging of docked vessels.

Characters of Note: Dock Steward Reins, Foreman Hoss, Foreman Jolsavelle, Watchmaster Karliss, Sayid the Waterman, Maurus Silvertooth IV.


Sturdy, thatch-roof longhouses with hammocks lined four high and tables running down the center. They smell horrible and they don’t ventilate, but there’s safe food. More importantly, there are far fewer flying pests and parasites to torment the traveler. Cost is 1 sp/night, nothing is cheap in this town…except the management.


The very bright entertainment district, with colorful tents housing drink halls, kitchens, hookahs, masseuse beds, and a few other pleasures sought by the sailors and treasure hunters that haven’t spent or lost all their coin yet.

Characters of Note: Katrina Ploza, Brass Donovan, Scotch Twotoefooter, Vina


If you found it, need it, or stole it, you can probably sell or buy it in the cacophonous markets. Hawkers push remedies, mystical totems, gold, trinkets, tools, hardwoods, exotic fruit, and mapping supplies (just to name a few). Even spell components and supposed treasure maps sold by the desperate or opportunistic.


The residential center of South Landing built around the original village of Ezralor, which has stood beneath the Lighthouse for as long as any natives can recall. Permanent residents and natives share the simple mud & reed neighborhoods with simple bakeries and traditional medicine shops catering to the ancestor faith of the south and the ancient traditions of its people. The village exists largely aloof and ignored by the constant stream of outsiders passing through South Landing, only consulted by those desperate enough for guides to ignore the advice of experienced explorers: most natives don’t know the jungles any better than the sailors.


Temple halls and tent hospitals that tend the spirits and bodies of the disparate residents of the city. Clerics and prophets are drawn to this place, or sent by their orders, to spread the faith and save the wicked at this last bastion of civilization before the cauldron of survival that is the Jungle. The most prolific are followers of Pelor, but St. Cuthbert’s Devout and Heironite crusaders stand ready to defend against evil native and imported. A shrine for just about every god can be found, though a few cloisters prefer to seclude themselves away from the bustle of the hospital tents.

Characters of Note: Mother Seline, Jurous Mont Cadrien, Paragon Tobias Oak


Along with the mission temples, the only well-constructed buildings in the city. The major powers all have emissaries to this foreign land, with noblemen having either been exiled from their courts or seeking to expand their prestige with southern riches. The most successful merchants and influential figures in the city rule by a loose agreement through the Consortium, a civil-mercantile council that keeps the relative peace and stability of the town. They also represent their home powers to some degree, and the well-connected can seek assistance from members.

Commerce Residences

Homes and sleep-houses for the better funded and wealthier semi-permanent residents. Unlike the village, northern engineers laid-out the commerce residential district, including a sewage system that drains into a cistern. The planners failed to account for the relentless flora and fauna of the jungle, and the stone-ceramic lines are frequently blocked or routes for unpleasant invasions.

Pens & Out-markets

Livestock pens and outfitters that serve the expeditions departing into the trees. The most popular beasts of burden are capyberas (muscular, 200-pound rodents native to the jungle and inborn with strong survival instincts. They’re also excellent swimmers, and instinctively head for the relative safety of deep water when threatened; this makes them useful for crossing the many unmapped streams, rivers, and marshes in the jungle. Some dealers will even stable other beasts that have been brought by ill-informed adventurers.

*Special Equipment
Item Cost Description
Capybera 30 crown Small Animal, Carry 20 lbs, Spd 30’/swim 20’
Stabling 1 crown/day feed & care
Hardtack 1 pence/day Tasteless sustenance
Rindsalt 2 spinnel/dose +2 Fort vs Jungle Fever
Repellent 5 spinnel/dose Repels insects for 4 hours/dose (Will save DC10)


The very old, stonework spire built before modern memory. Whatever its original purpose was remains mystery, but it’s been co-oped to serve as a lighthouse, and its fires raise cheers of joy from incoming vessels. A timber lined area abutting the base serves as a stockade for the rare criminal that isn’t banished to the jungle and can’t pay off his charge. Cuthbert’s Devout run the place fairly and incorruptibly, but few townsfolk care to assist them if prisoners escape.

Turtle Farms

Some distance from the docks, great pits have been dug from the sandy beach and joined with the cove by gated channels. In lieu of traditional livestock, impossible to raise in the South, the locals farm sea turtles for their meat and useful shells. The foul waters are changed out by the tides when the gates are lifted, and the animals are fed well and cared for adequately. Few outsiders bother to make the shr t hike to see the farms. A single turtle can be as much as 15 crowns and salted meat 1 spinnel/lbs.

Sea Dwarf

Slightly north of the docks, a handful of enterprising dwarves have carved out an inn from the sea cliffs. More comfortable surrounded by solid stone, most dwarven travelers prefer to stay here. Familiar tastes, sounds, and a shrine to Moradin help soothe the souls of dwarves a long way from clan and keep. Those of other races are charged a higher rate to stay in the limited capacity establishment, and usually need to coax the keeper for even that. It’s an unspoken rule that Dwarven Law applies near the Sea Dwarf…scoundrels beware, the Consortium generally lets them have their way.


CN Large Town

Corruption +7; Crime +5; Economy +2; Law -4; Lore +6; Society +4
Qualities notorious, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, Tourist Attraction
Danger +20
Demographics Pop. 2,400-3,000; 60% transient, 20% Foreign, 20% Native…Unknown racial statistics.
Language: Chellachella, though just about every major language is common
Religion: All Common, Ancestral Faith prevalent among natives
Government: Mercantile Oligarchy
Currency: 1 crown/gp, 1 spinnel/sp, 1 pence/cp…no moneychangers, sales by weight.
Dominant Exports: Precious antiquities, Hardwoods, Exotics
Dominant Imports: Grain, Textiles, Durable goods
Class Demographics: Wealthy 5%, Mercantile 10%, Tradesmen 15%, Poor 50%, Destitute 20%

South Landing

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