Sir Gregori Peck

Explorer of the Wide World


A local hero in the academic community, and a dashing rogue among the nobility, Sir Gregori Peck is an accomplished explorer and treasure hunter. He’s lead successful expeditions across the dangerous Flats of Sadiz, into the Algranor Mountains, and even a foray into the Forests of Deldun, though the majority of his exploits are limited to the safer Osil territories. Regardless of what may befall him and his companions, Peck always seems to come-out with some kind of victory in the end.

That particular trait has earned him a certain degree of dubiety from the upper echelons of academia in Sandwatch and, in part, greater Henal. His opponents jab him with titles like “glory hound” and “floating spectacles”, a demeaning term for one who masquerades as a scholar with no substance behind the facade.

Whatever the opinions of his supporters and detractors, Peck has certainly attracted a lot of attention…and he loves it.


Sir Gregori Peck

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