The Warning

Episode 13

A Thickening Brew

After a raucous evening with Sahm’El, the party goes their separate ways. During the night, Variel meets an alarmingly-amnesiac spirit that tells him he must find a woman named Loraina somewhere in Port of Isles. The following morning, the party heads to the University of Tryna to seek out anyone named Loraina who might know something about ancient Kenora.

They don’t find her, but hey find her boss, Professor Erik Kolmin. It only takes a few minutes before their conversation with him turns sour. He mistakes them for mercenaries working for local crime lord Murdock and ends up imprisoning Deldund in some kind of cursed brick. In an effort to enlist local aide, Variel ties to summon an Imp to incriminate Kolmin. That plan backfires as Cuthbertian clerics rush the room and arrest both Kolmin and Variel.

While Ishrana takes the brick back to the Cathedral of the Fallen Knight for help getting Deldund out of his newest hell, Hobbes Spizzlecog goes behind her back and stages a jail break, freeing Variel. The two of them fly, thanks to Variel, back to Sahm’El’s tent in Callilly Jetty. Sahm’El packs up the wagon, in which he and Variel then begin driving about the city to keep ahead of the guard and the Cuthbertians, who now think they have a devil-summoning villain at large in the city.

By the time Hobbes gets back to the Cathedral, the elven council has just finished a ritual to free Deldund. Hobbes makes and impactful entrance, and the brick explodes. Deldund is thrown back into reality and left splayed out on the lawn…along with a couple of new friends. It seems they’ve found the Loraina they’ve been looking for, and an ancient slave…

Full Synopsis


Experience: 2000 XP to each character
Treasure: None
Awesome Points: 5 points to Hobbes Spizzlecog for bringing Donovan back, if only for a brief time before turning him back into a pumpkin.
Pity Points: 5 points to Deldund Stonefist for being a dwarf trapped in a rock



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