The Warning

Henal is a sprawling, complex land, where the scars of the past still ache even as the people charge into battle anew. Faith is often the only thing giving people hope, but it leads to a great deal of pain and sacrifice.

Darkness lurks in the hidden places of the world, be they in the far-flung wilderness or the gutters of writhing cities. It waits patiently for its time to rise, to seize upon weak hearts and burdened minds. A strange current has begun to stir in the aether. The most sensitive mystics have felt it, though they cannot understand or identify it.

So immersed in the conflicts of the present, the world at large cannot see what’s coming, but there is hope. There are heroes among them, who have answered a call they cannot hear. Whether from the Gods or the very fabric of reality, they’ve been given a premonition, a seeming…a warning.

It may be up to them alone to strike down the growing shadow before it’s too late.

The Warning

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