Delldund Forests

Elves of Endaro

Language: Illossillion, although most have learned Kent or another popular language.
Pantheon: Corellon Lorethian (and extended)
Social Structure: independent, self-sufficient villages, generally democratic
Trade Partners: None
International Profile: Loyal and powerful allies of Kardam, not much else is generally known, but there is a general sense by humans that elves are a lazy people.

The Delldund Forests dominate most of Endaro. Enchanting and ancient, these woodlands are home to truly massive trees the width of ten men easily. These forests are inhabited and protected by various elven villages nearly as old as the forest itself, collectively known as the Elves of Endaro.

They tend to shy away from outside contact, but they are agile and fierce fighters that band together under a common banner when threatened. They have a particularly friendly relationship with the horsemen of Kardam, and have fought alongside them in times past, complimenting their cavalry with deadly archers and magic.

The elves do not trade much, and when they do it is more for amusing trinkets or items that tell more about the dynamic and surprising races that created said items.

Delldund Forests

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