Benin Desert

Mysterious Nomads of Benin

Language: Baiha
Pantheon: Farghlan, Wyrune, Boccob, Erythnul, Kord
Social Structure: Autocracy, nomadic warlords conquered under the banner of a single Sultan.
Trading Partners: Western Dwarves, Osil, Far West
International Profile: Mysterious and dangerous fighters with a mystical heritage from a harsh environment…ruthless and tough.

The strange desert folk of Benin have adapted their society to suit their incredibly harsh environment. They wear dark clothing that covers their entire body, many wear masks that keep the salt and sand and roasting winds from drying their eyes and mouths.

They travel as nomads for the most part, herding the hearty beasts or simply making temporary villages near oases. In the past, war was commonplace here, as tribes fought over water and animals alike. In the recent history of the region, a skilled warrior and natural leader united many of the tribes together under his rule with the promise of prosperity and peace. His title is Sultan Almir Maled, and his vision is that of a powerful and wealthy empire that overshadows all of his neighbors.

The Beninites now control dangerous trade routes across the deserts that are the Flats of Sadiz. They bring goods from both sides across and are quickly becoming wealthy in the process. Sultan Maled’s dreams in this respect are fast approaching fruition. His wealth is tenuous, however. The peace he promised is much more difficult to obtain than riches. Infighting among former tribal rivals has created high tensions among the beninites, and Maled must negotiate almost every other week to keep order in his empire. To assist in this, Maled has created a band of extremely secretive and feared mystics known as the Haek Magi. They enforce his laws and keep tabs on the governors of the empire.

Benin Desert

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