Tribal medicine pouches - LOST

packet of prepared herbs and plants


Effect: 1 dose provides a +2 circumstance bonus to Heal checks to treat deadly wounds, treat caltrop wounds, or provide long term care.

When worn around the neck, they have a mild ability to repel insects and other vermin (DC 5 Will Save to enter a square). This does little other than deter some of the opportunistic, maddening swarms of the jungle, causing them to move on to more appealing victims.

When burned, they aid a trained individual in reaching a meditative state in which to commune with their ancestor spirits (assuming those spirits still dwell on the material plane or actively engage with it, an ancestor who’s soul has traveled to another plane…such as dwarf whose spirit has passed through the gates of Erackinor or the Crystal Mountain, or a soul trapped in the Abyss…cannot be contacted in this way). The ancestor spirit must be willing and able to commune with the meditating character.

Crafting: A knowledge(nature) DC:15 is required to harvest the plants in the correct manner, and a knowledge(religion) DC:15 is required to prepare them. One check requires four hours of work and produces 4 doses, the materials are ruined if the check fails.


Traditional herbal medicine is widely practiced across Henal, but is an integral part of the Ancestor Faith practiced by many Southland tribal groups. The tribes’ shaman are the only people with the knowledge required to harvest and prepare the plants and herbs used in these special concoctions that serve at once as a poultices, meditative herbs, spiritual symbols, and even minor vermin repellent.

Tribal medicine pouches - LOST

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