Shackles of Tevidus

Masterwork Cast Iron Manacles


Armor Bonus: +1
Slot: Wrist

Lawful Creatures Only
Melee attacks made by the wearer ignore the DR of creatures with the Devil subtype.

Hell on Earth: 1/week, when “Revenge” is spoken in Ancient Kenoran, the shackles allow the user to cast Dimensional Anchor as a supernatural ability against a single target (CL 15), the Save DC for this use is based on the wearer’s Wisdom.


Worn by Agus Tevidus himself, forced upon him when first he was called into service as a slave in the Empire of Kenora. Through his lifetime of suffering, the manacles absorbed a fraction of Agus’s spirit, and so confer his driven hatred of devil-kind and their scheming ilk to any who wear them. His friend and ally, the elven explorer Arrillun enchanted the manacles, which Tevidus always wore to remind himself and others of what they were fighting for, what the Kenoran rulers had taken from them.

Shackles of Tevidus

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