Quarl Whipsman - DECEASED

A low-class criminal and ne'er-do-well...a poisoned ne'er-do-well


Occupation: Hobbes’s “assistant”
Physical Description: 32 yo, 5’10", 180 lbs, kard features, weathered complexion, blue eyes, short beard, curly brown hair, missing right little finger.


Quarl was one of the unfortunate bandits that ambushed the party after their flight from Theynehold. Two of his accomplices were killed in the ensuing combat, and the rest were captured. Initially tricked into thinking he’d been poisoned, Quarl was manipulated into serving Hobbes for his crimes. A short, hot argument over the lawful treatment of prisoners and due-process with Luke resulted in the Hieronite paladin returning Quarl’s compatriots to Theynehold’s guard in the dead of night.

In that discussion, faced on one hand with the prospect of simple, harsh justice in Theynehold or working-off his crime in service to Hobbes, Quarl chose the latter. Once they reached South Landing, Hobbes secretly made a special, long-term poison that requires the regular administration of an antidote known only to the gnome. He pricked the unfortunate bandit, and is now confident that, whether the toxin hurts him or not, Quarl will remain a loyal, if not trustworthy, assistant.

Quarl is currently in charge of protecting Hobbes’s wagon in South Landing until the party’s return from the jungles (of which he, quite justifiably, fears will not happen).

Quarl Whipsman - DECEASED

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