Nimseo Borlin - DECEASED


Title: Nephew to the Duke of Anstory, court of King Agus the VIII, Kingdom of Osil.
Occupation: Antiquities Merchant
Physical Description: 42 years, 5’10", 160 lbs, northern features, dark hair (shoulder length), brown eyes, traveler’s complexion, short goatee w/out mustache. Moderate build, but toned.


After reappearing from an expedition into the Southlands with a boon of ancient artifacts and a particularly interesting wooden box, Nimseo was shipwrecked while en route from South Landing to the Kard port of Dalda north of the Dagger Coast. The party saved Nims from the roiling ocean while they were assembled in the town of Wyndor in Theynehold, Kardam. After leading the rescue party to search for his crew, the party and he observed a pirate vessel retreating north from the wreck site, weaving through the stone teeth of the Dagger Coast.

Nims sought the party’s assistance to save his partner and friend Lought, apparently captured by the notorious Bajan, the Dagger Ghost. Through a series of events, in which he leveraged his nobility in the Horselord’s court to earn assistance from his Captain, Pogarn, and his Ridge Riders.

Nims and the party freed Lought from the pirate captors in a ransom exchange. On their way back to Theynehold, they raided Bajan’s well-concealed lair and slew the pirate as he made to escape on his vessel, the Sea Snake. The vessel escaped, with some crew and prisoners, but most were rescued and the former pirates treasure (Nims’s lost artifacts included) was recovered. The next evening, Nims having ridden ahead to Theynehold with the mortally wounded captain of his wrecked vessel, the party made camp. Shortly after midnight, Lought deployed a thunderstone and grabbed the strange Kenoran box. The stunned party members, and Ridge Riders, watched in horror as magic ensorcecled the already-powerfully built man. A short chase followed, with the empowered man defying belief in his ability to stay ahead of the powerful Kard horses. In the end, the party caught him, and in the deaf confusion, he was decapitated.

Nims returned in two days, and his noble daring quickly evaporated into anger and pain. He still believes the party murdered his best friend, and his trust for them is negligible at best. Worse still, the party has concluded that the Kenoran Box is a dangerous artifact, and the threat to the land it could pose is too great. In Theynehold, having argued vociferously, though unsuccessfully, for Neema’s execution for Lought’s death, Nims was again inflamed by the party when they convinced Horselord Theyne to let them cast the dangerous box into blue water, cast in a block of solid lead.

Nims, still claiming the box as his own property and a potentially priceless artifact in understanding the ancient empire of Kenora and its murky history, demanded the box accompany him back to the scholarly halls in Port of Isles; they could come with if they insisted. Deldund’s characteristic bluntness led the noble to return the party’s favor, and arranged with the Horselord for Nims and his men to take the lead-cast box to Dalda and dispose of it en route to Osil.

While Nims and his crew held a solemn funeral for Lought, sending his body out to sea in a flaming launch, the party loaded the lead-cast box into Hobbes’s wagon, and left Theynehold in the dead of night. They headed north at first, then doubled back and, concealing their tracks, headed south…

Nimseo Borlin - DECEASED

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