Loraina McEwn

Former Understudy of Prof. Erik Kolmin, Academy of History, University of Tryna



Oslinder/Fem/Lt. Complxn/5’08/Light Build/Blakck Mid-back hair/Green Eyes/Spiral Tatoo Left Upper Arm

Specialty: Historical Lore, Geography, and Linguistics

Well versed in the historical events and geography of the Kenoran Reconstruction period immediately following the overthrow that ancient Empire. Specifically, her academic mission is the locate the lost Sickle used by legendary Agus Tevidus to slay the Pit Lord Tazgin’Ra, overlord of Kenora.

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Personal History

Brought-up in Lake Besmus by an architect and his wife, Loraina was immersed in the unique culture of that profession: a blend of artistic design, history, an engineering. She became enthralled with history early one, in large part do to her love of the stories of the accomplishments of old.

After brief relationship with a travelling understudy from Kings’ Cliffs, which ended early and abruptly wit his return to that city, she new that traveling the land in search of those pieces of history legends had been written about. She worked hard, and her father paid sizable fees, to earn her admittance to the University of Tryna, and she worked hard earning a reputation for commitment and hard work.

He focus on locating the lost Sickle of Tevidus, however, eventually became too bothersome for her Professor and advisor, Erk Komlmin, who subsequently had her dismissed. Unfortunately, Prof. Kolmin’s sense of vanity, and Loraina’s knowledge of his underworld dealings to acquire artifacts for the Universtiy’s collection, forced Kolmin to imprison Loraina by tricking her into touching a brick from the bulwark of Kenora’s capital stronghold. These bricks were powerfully enchanted by the Dark Lord and his minions to imprison the souls of his enemies, specifically dwarves and humans.

Once trapped inside, the found herself in the company of strange, barely clad man who claimed be a prisoner of the Kenoran Empire, and a Flying Sickle, who’d been imprisoned since just before the Fall of Kenora. She spoke with him very little, as he apparently had little to say. She was as surprised as Deldund was when Tovarius explained who he was and how much he was aware of Agus’s plans.

The hunt for the Blade

While researching the location the Sickle, Loraina did uncover that it had been somehow split in two pieces, each of which was subsequently entombed in a different location, the specifics of which were very well kept secret. Her extensive research lead her to set of texts in the Library of Tryna that had somehow survived centuries.

Her efforts were aided by a traveling dwarf scholar who arrived with the goal of learning if his ancestors had been involved in the much-respected act of entombing what was effectively Agus’s remains. The dwarf, Hammerfel, soon disappeared after the pair had uncovered the possible location of Tevidune, a temple constructed in the depths of the South Lands. She thought little of it, given how closely this appeared to be to his goal.

Continuing her research, she seemed to hit a proverbial wall after locating a fragment of an ancient ballad recorded by a bard somewhere around fifty years after the Fall. That ballad, most likely adapted from the tales told by a dwarf at least tangentially involved with the mission to sequester the Blade of Agus’s Sickle. It seems to indicate at least three important points:

  1. The expedition was a joint human/dwarf endeavor, beginning in the deserts of Benin.
  2. The expedition eventually traveled to a climate capable of inducing severe frostbite, either high-altitude mountains or the Nordvelt, both of which are consistent with a dwarf-led expedition given their natural distrust of anyone in the Alsind River Valley.
  3. The members of the expedition turned against one another as the stresses of their mission go the better of them. They accomplished the goal, but only three returned.

The rest of her interpretations follow like this:

  • the humans involved were most likely Cyterin’s, the ancient empire of the Beninites that existed around the same time as Kenora. They’re known for their intricate temples and burial tombs specifically designed to foil tomb-raiders and thieves.
  • the individual that spoke the story for the bard was not likely an actually member of the expedition, as they would have held that secret quite close to their hearts to have sacrificed to much hiding the Blade in the first place.
  • there may be more information to be found in the Lost Library of Sandwatch. Though that library has yet to be fully catalogued even so long after being rediscovered by Queen Mailoki on her rise to power.

She’s also very concerned that Murdoch, a local crime lord whom the now-imprisoned Prof. Kolmin works for, is likely to track and attempt to silence her given what she knows of his organisation’s ties to the University and the black arts and artefacts market…

Loraina McEwn

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