Gardal Hammerfel - DECEASED

The Traitor of Mountain's Gate Hold


Title (Former): Stonechanter of Mountain’s Gate Hold under Clanlord Brund Stonehelm
Occupation: Temple priest
Physical Description: 213 yo, 4’3", 180 lbs, graying dirty-blonde, religious blue-ink tattoos on forehead and hands, scar from a gashed nose.


Once a respected cleric among the clan, something turned dark in Gardal Hammerfel’s heart over the long decades of his life. He began communing with his people’s ancient and hated foes…denizens of the Pit. Through meticulous and patient years, he gathered a cabal of allies, and when his opportunity arose, they struck. Dismantling the protections long-embedded in their halls, they weakened the barrier between hell and the mortal plane. The devils they brought through into the heart of the dwarven fortress-city massacred the clansmen.

As a final, horrifying act born of cruel hate or some twisted sense of justice, Deldund Stonefist was forced to watch, paralyzed, while his family and home were destroyed before his eyes. At the end, the devils surrounded him, and Gardal himself took a cursed blade and gouged away Deldund’s sight, ensuring the last vision he had was of his clan’s burning corpses. He watched as the venomous blade seared through the dwarf’s flesh and drained his body with an unearthly power, and left him dying in a lake of blood (so he thought).

The betrayer left, joining his cult and disappearing into the mountains…

Deldund, somehow surviving through what is surely and act of Moradin himself, first found word of Hammerfel in Port of Iles, after signs directed him to the metropolis. Dwarves there said Gardal had paid for a birth to the Southlands. Now that Deldund and his allies have arrived in the hot jungle port of South Landing, they’ve found new word of Hammerfel’s travels. Local at the Sea Dwarf met Hammerfel briefly before he arranged an expedition deep into the jungle. No one seems to know where he was heading, but he had a substantial supply train, and left nearly a month before Deldund’s arrival.

The only lead on his destination is a nervous, young local named Cocolongo, who claims he can guide them to the dwarf’s location…

Gardal Hammerfel - DECEASED

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