Occupation: Laborer
Physical Description: 20 yo, 5’04", 130 lbs, southland native features & complexion, black hair (mid-back), dark eyes, whispy facial hair. Light build, multiple black-ink tribal tattoos of little traditional significance, 3 earrings in left ear.


Cocolongo offered to aid the party in their search for Hammerfel. In return, he asked them to teach him kent(aka Common). The party learned later that Hammerfel forced Cocolongo’s brother to guide his expedition to wherever Nimseo had found the Kenoran Box. Cocolongo also wants the group to take him with when they return north…the lies spread by Hammerfel in strong-arming his brother have left him little in his ability to find gainful work.

Cocolongo eventually revealed that the stone amulet about his neck is attuned to an identical one his brother wears. He confessed to not knowing the enemy expedition’s destination exactly, but the amulet can guide them to his brother, and therefore the expedition.


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