Cav'el III

3rd Emperor of the Cav'el Dynasty of Cytera


The now-Paradise-bound soul that once rule the mystical Cyterian Empire in the deserts of Benin. He’s now spent so much time in the utopian plane of Paradise that he suffers from extraplanar dissociation, a phenomenon which affects individuals that spend extended periods of time in a non-native plane in which the passing of time has no physical manifestation, making it impossible to know how much time as passed without carefully prepared methods. Extraplanar dissociation results in degradation of the individual’s recollection of their former lives, to the point that they have great difficulty even remembering their own identity, let alone the people, events, or even the environment. So it is with Cav’el III, who can barely remember his own name at this point.


Cav'el III

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