Capt. Bajan - DECEASED?

The Dagger Ghost...Ghost


Occupation (former): Pirate Captain
Physical Description: 48 yo, western features, long black hair, green eyes, very tan complexion, scar along right cheek, bad teeth…an airy build.


Bajan the Dagger Ghost…most feared pirate in the Kard seas, until the party killed him and his crew left him behind.

Bajan could have moved onto…probably a not so pleasant plane for his eternal afterlife. Instead, he choose to stay with his hat. He began manifesting in secret to Hobbes, who took the pirate’s hat as a trophy. Hobbes is the only one who can see or hear the pirate’s ghost, which makes quick commentary or wonders at the curiosity of events when he briefly appears. So far, the spirit has done nothing particularly malicious or helpful.

In a strange way he’s found an affinity for the gnome’s pluck and opportunistic style…but he is a pirate, and so far hasn’t revealed why he’s hanging around. Of course, he could just be trying to delay the inevitable…

Capt. Bajan - DECEASED?

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