The Warning

Episode 17

Fresh Eyes

Arriving in Sandwatch, the party makes their way to the Saffron Quarter, home of the Lost Library and all of its ancient lore. The library is only partially catalogued, despite the years since Queen Mailoki unlocked the vaults in which the tomes and scrolls were preserved.

To prevent theft and damage to the rarities within, all visitors must be escorted by a page or librarian when researching, a process that can lead to long waits and has made the Lost Library a place only the truly dedicated have the patience for.

A cafe in the lobby of library caters to those awaiting admittance, and it’s here the party finds none other than Loraina McEwn. She’s been waiting for two days for a page to assist her, but it apparently takes the arrival of the party to finally “encourage” that assistance.

A page, named Ophelia, appears to escort them to the chamber holding the scrolls from the era of the Fall. With her assistance, the four of them spend most of the day searching for any mention of the boxes or the apparent expeditions to hide them. They come-up empty.

It isn’t until, after a short break exploring the city, the party decides to instead focus on the new information revealed in their vision outside Port of Isles. Variel made a sketch of the apparent temple, and sharing with Loraina McEwn and page Ophelia, they come-up with a possible answer to the mystery. Architectural themes consistent with draconic style seem to be present, and the perspective leads both McEwn and Ophelia to believe the temple may belong to a dragon known as Zultheztherene the Blue.

The wyrm is a legend bordering on myth, as he hasn’t been seen or heard from in centuries. According to legend, his temple holds great riches for the cleverly bold, but all who’ve searched for it failed or were never heard from again. The prospect of a powerful wyrm is concerning, but Moradin himself spoke to Deldund of an enemy his brothers knew how to defeat, and the western clans are far more experienced with dragons than nearly anyone else in the north of Henal, aside perhaps kobolds and their priests.

They continue searching the scrolls and tomes from the Fall, with a renewed focus on Zultheztherene. A dragon’s temple seems to be an good place to hide such a dangerously valuable artefact…or at least a likely place for it to have ended-up.

Shortly after, one of the Lost Library’s few loremasters returns from a day trip, eager to meet these new researchers. From what his pages of told him, there’s a uniquely historical reinvisioning of the Fall at hand. Loremaster Rambellow’s first order of business is to end their focused search for knowledge on Zultheztherene’s temple. They could search for a decade and find not a trace, in fact many here already have ten fold.

He does offer a sliver of hope. There are a few scholars both dumb enough to seek out a dragon, yet clever enough to figure out his location. Fewer still are three that would likely work with the party and be forced to potentially share the wealth…and the glory.

The first is Nimseo Borlin – DECEASED, whose demise the party has the awkward duty of sharing with Rambellow. Next is a treasure hunter currently based out of South Landing, which the party concludes is not only too far, but also highly dangerous given the nature of recent events. The last is a man named Content Not Found: peck, based in the local nobility and famed for his exploits.

While Rambellow finds the man distastful, he can’t deny his abilities and his shining collection of acheivments. He isn’t even that far away, but Rambellow’s estimation. A recent expedition lead by left Sandwatch only a couple of weeks previously. Rambellow isn’t certain what they were looking for, but then again Content Not Found: peck is prone to keeping his goals secret, in case he has to change them.

This information in hand, the party begins asking around about where Peck has gone or when he’s due back. They mostly encounter favorable, but vague information about him. There is, however, a server at one of the cafes who shares valuable information with them. He’s heard that the expedition didn’t make it a day from Sandwatch before falling victim to a local syndicate’s henchmen. The man leading it was captured. He hasn’t got anything more of value to share, but this news alone changes the nature of their search considerably.

During their questioning, the party also visited ‘s apartments in the central spire, speaking with Peck’s wife. She mentions nothing of his possible capture, still expecting him to return in roughly two weeks, although her husband is known to draw-out his successful return journeys to heighten the drama of his triumphs.

What Mrs. Peck does mention is another person asking after him in as earnest a tone as the party. Not being the most observant, she can only tell them the woman was clad in desert clothing. This is interesting news, and potential lead in their search for his captors. At the very least it’s worth investigating just to see what this strange woman’s after.

Searching futher, they eventually run across the woman their looking for. After a tense introduction, in which they learn almost nothing about her aside that she’s also looking for , Variel quite bluntly informs this woman of why they need to find post haste, and invites her to help them save the world as they know it. She politely accepts.

Following this, they visit one of Sandwatch’s famous bath houses and spend an evening resting in beds rather than camp rolls.


Experience: 300 xp each character.
Pity Points: none
Awesome Points: none
Treasure: none



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