The Warning

Episode 15

Day of Praise

While traveling to Lake Besmus, Cocolongo rejoins the party, finding Port of Isles is no longer a safe place for him. While camped, the party is once again subject to some kind of mysterious seeming, a herd of deer stampede through the camp, but only Deldund, Variel, and Ishrana Swaythe appear to notice it happen. After the stampede passes, their hoof prints leave an image stamped in the earth: a temple built into a cliff face, as viewed as some distance over flat terrain.

What the image is of specifically escapes them all, including the well-travelled Quatermaster Hedgewhistle. Without further incident, the caravan reaches Lake Besmus, and the quatermaster informs them that the caravan will be camped here for two weeks while some of their number travel up-river to trade with the dwarven clans. They are welcome to join them westward again at that time.

Deldund’s first order of business is to pray at the Temple of Moradin and share what he has learned with a trusted dwarf. He does so, and proceeds to pray the remainder of the day. While he does this, Variel takes Ishrana on a grand tour of his favorite city, ending in raucous night at the Rainy Day tavern, during which Ishrana accidentally meets one of the guard captains and also manages to become an artistic sensation. They retire at the end of the night to a mansion they were invited to on the shores of the Lake, and awaken quite refreshed.

Deldund receives the first clear message from Moradin in many weeks, and purifies himself in the temple. After enjoying some hearty, dwarven cooking, and being assured that world will be sent to the mountain clans of the coming danger, Deldund is reenergized for the mission before him, given unto him by Moradin himself. All three of the adventurers are ready to travel, and after tracking down Cocolongo, and a new “friend” of his that may prove as infuriating to Deldund as Hobbes Spizzlecog was, they set off westward along the North Loop of the tradeways, making four days progress without incident.

Full Synopsis


Experience: 500 xp to each character
Awesome Points: 5 xp to Ishrana Swaythe for becoming an instant art sensation. There it is.
Pity Points: 5 xp to Deldund Stonefist for once again having to travel with a individual “freed from the contraints of convention”.
Treasure: none



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