The Warning

Episode 14

The Expectedly Unexpected Fissile Parting of The Ingeniusly Unanticipated Master of the Art of Science of Alchemy Hobbes Spizzlecog

With Variel now returned to the group, they begin plans to leave the city. Tovarius, it’s decided, is to remain in the care of the Heironite clergy, who have yet to hear about the incident at the Academy. Loraina’s insights solidify Sandwatch as their next destination, with haste.

Deldund arranges for them to travel with a halfling caravan taking the North Loop through Lake Besmus, and they prepare for the journey. On the morning they are to depart, Variel and Hobbes are the last to leave the Cathedral grounds, shortly after riding out the gates, they walk into an ambush set by the Cuthbertian clerics an the Sapphire Guard to capture Variel and re-incarcerate him. Not in the mood to play advocate again, Hobbes spurs on his team. The wagon is off, and with their combined abilities to ignore natural laws, they lead the sapphire guard and clerics on a wild chase through the famous Gateway Quarter.

Eventually, the guard get lucky and ignite the wagon with alchemical fire. Shortly after, Hobbes losses control and collides with an oncoming coach. Variel is thrown from wagon, and Hobbes barely rounds the corner before the fire reaches his chemicals an blows the wagon to bits.

Surviving the blast, Hobbes keeps moving on the advice of Bajan’s ghost, right on past the caravan. As he rides by on one of his recently-purchased riding lizards, he shouts a series of discombobulated words at the party.

Recovering quickly from the abrupt appearance and subsequent disappearance, Deldund and Ishrana Swaythe bid adieu to the strange, incalculable “genius” that is Hobbes Spizzlecogs…

Full Synopsis


Experience: 500 XP for each character, and 200 additional XP for Hobbes Spizzlecog
Treasure: A selection of spells from the elven spellbooks for Variel.
Awesome Points: 5 XP to Hobbes Spizzlecog for pulling that off.
Pity Points: 5 XP to Variel for solidifying his status as a dangerous fugitive.



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